Dubbo International Women’s Day Dinner


Dubbo IWD Dinner

On Tuesday night, 14th March 2023, Transport Women Australia Limited celebrated their International Women’s Day dinner at Dubbo. The night was well attended by TWAL members, supporters, and friends. TWAL Foundation Business Partner, NTI fielded a large team as did the ARTC and SCT Logistics. The night was hosted by TWAL Chair Jacquelene Brotherton, ably assisted by volunteers Sally and Billie Tipping, and Ann Howard.
We heard from four wonderful panellists, two making their first public speaking appearances – Trudie Varcoe of SCT Logistics and Lauren Peterson of Regional Insurance Services Pty Ltd , who did exceptionally well at telling us about their career progression and what they loved about their jobs and what they hope to achieve going forward. They were joined with the very last mission minute addition of Sara Conway of the ARTC, who with two minutes of preparation joined the panel and shared her amazing story from health, wellness, and dietetics in the mining industry through to her career progression into the ARTC. The 4th member of the panel, Sharon Hourn shared her story of personal tragedy and how it caused her to form Driver Support, she described what she does for the industry and the truck drivers who may be suffering after experiencing on-road incidents. Sharon brought tears to many eyes in the room especially those who were not aware of her story and what she’s managed to achieve since.
We also managed to some fun on the night especially when we were drawing the raffle prizes, Sharon helped to draw with the prizes going to the Lynette Hudspeth, Nour Ette, Nicki Flynn and Belinda Redfern.
The member panels on International Women’s Day events are proving very popular as our very diverse membership share their stories on their pathway to success and the hugely varying roles they are undertaking within the trucking, rail, marine, and aviation industries and we look forward to continuing to share these stories in the years to come.