Perth EOY Dinner

23rd November 2022

We kicked off our 2022 End of Year events in Perth at the Country Comfort on the 22nd November 2022.


TWAL Vice Chair Coralie and WA Director Penne Murphy hosted the night and it was a wonderful start to our jam packed end of year! We were excited to celebrate our first Daimler Truck AG Driving the Difference recipient, Brooke Tran. TWAL are so excited for you Brooke and we wish you all the best

We tried to have TWAL Chair Jacquelene Brotherton Zoom in, however the unstable internet interfered. Nonetheless, Jacquelene sends her congratulations to Brooke and her well wishes and a Merry Christmas to all members and sponsors.
Thank you to NTI for sponsoring the pre-dinner drinks, we are honoured that you continue to support us.