QTA Diversity Breakfast


Transport Women Australia Limited Guests were hosted yesterday by current Director Jo Hansen and Former Director Elizabeth McGrath at the annual and inaugural Queensland Trucking Assn Ltd Diversity breakfast, formerly the International Women’s Day breakfast at St Lucia. This year, the theme “Inspire Inclusion” saw the panel discuss a wide range of practical & thought-provoking ideas around creating psychological safety and removing unconscious bias. Bronwen Howell, VE Group Director and Trucking Woman of the Year, Drew Hipwood, IOR Manager – Corporate Affairs, & Lisa Burquest, Virgin Australia Chief People Officer, shared frameworks, concepts, and outcomes relative to small, medium, and large corporate workplaces. Simple tips such as removing names from resumes, building a diverse recruitment panel, replacing a ‘culture fit’ mentality with a ‘culture add’ mindset, and acknowledging cultural traditions can support a greater sense of belonging at work. Small changes made today can have long-term outcomes for our businesses, industry, and communities of tomorrow.